About Me


For the past 25 years, I have had the fortune and opportunity to work with many businesses and brands across the country to help them create beautiful spaces and artwork to bring their ideas to life and create their own unique identity. For the majority of my career, I have been able to offer my services independently to a widespread community of clients across the globe. 

While I continue to collaborate with some of these brands and flourishing new businesses to help create their identities, branding strategies, apparel and design of their workspaces, this website—and Studio 73, have transitioned to my digital collage art—bringing my distinctive style, viewpoint and aesthetic to your home or business.

The majority of my inspiration comes from my catalog of travel photos, adventures abroad and beauty I find in nature and taking notice of life's every day moments.

Visit my Instagram page and give it a follow for the latest content and newest artwork. Stay tuned for upcoming limited edition drops.